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5 Useful Free HIPAA Books

Finding useful books about HIPAA and HIPAA law can be a long painful process, and after you have found a book which can help you, you have to fork out a lot of money and wait for the book to be shipped, waisting a lot of time and a lot of money.After doing some searching on the internet, is able to bring you the list of free HIPAA books below which can be viewed and downloaded without the hassle and spending money.

Your Health Plan and HIPAA: Making the Law Work for You‎

edited by Barry Leonard

Perhaps you have heard of HIPAA — the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act — during a visit to your doctor’s office. The doctor’s staff may have handed you a HIPAA privacy notice advising you of protections for your personal health information. But HIPAA covers a lot more than privacy. At the time HIPAA was passed, a lot of people were afraid to switch jobs because they might lose the insurance coverage they needed for their families. This report explains how HIPAA’s protections make it easier to change employers without losing health coverage for your (& your family’s) medical conditions. It focuses on HIPAA’s coverage as it applies to private-sector group health plans only. Includes a glossary of terms. Illustrations.

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Protecting Our Personal Health Information: Privacy In The Electronic Age…

by Bill Frist

Hearings on medical information confidentiality. Witnesses: Donna Shalala, Sec., HHS; Wanda Walker & Jeff Crowley, Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities; John Glaser, Partners Healthcare System, on behalf of the National Research Council; John Nielsen, on behalf of the Amer. Assoc. of Health Plans; Donald Palmisano, Amer. Medical Assoc.; Spencer Foreman, on behalf of the Amer. Hospital Assoc.; Elizabeth Andrews, Worldwide Epidemiology, Glaxo Wellcome, on behalf of the Healthcare Leadership Council; & A.G. Breitenstein, dir., JRI Health Law Institute, on behalf of the Nat. Coalition for Patients Rights.

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HIPAA standards dual code sets are acceptable for reporting medical procedures.

By General Accounting Office Washington Dc

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Blown to bits: your life, liberty, and happiness after the digital explosion

Authors: Harold Abelson, Ken Ledeen, Harry R. Lewis

This book is perfect for people who want to understand more about information technology and don’t want to read something long or technical to learn it. The authors do a superb job taking the reader through how major technologies function (computers, the internet, cell phones, etc.), how they are shaping our lives, and what impacts they have on our laws and society. As well goes into how HIPAA is being integrated into today’s digital technologies.

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