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Putting up HIPAA posters in our healthcare organizations is one easy way to help keep doctors, nurses and patience aware and increase security awareness.  One good practise with posters around your organization is to keep them fresh and change them every few months to keep people interested and paying attention to what matters,  Below is a collection of companies who produce HIPAA posters for you to use in your hospital or healthcare organization to help you increase security awareness.

HIPAAeasy – HIPAA Privacy Posters

HIPAAeasy’s posters are personalized with your practice information and other Notice content to match your Privacy Notices. They use the same graphics as our Deluxe Notice.

Because they must be displayed in the public areas of the facility they are designed to be esthetically pleasing. Printed in full color, the Posters are attractive and engaging, meant to go with your décor. They’re suitable for framing or placing directly on the wall.

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Risk Prevention Privacy Posters

Our library of HIPAA-focused privacy and security screen-sized image brings home the need for privacy & HIPAA compliance to your user community, and at a price anyone can afford.

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Native Intelligence Inc.

Customers can choose to have their logos, contact information, security motto or tag line, etc. added to the posters. Other options include changes to the poster graphics or text (e.g., change “customer” to “patient” or “resident,” change “sensitive” to “non-public” or “confidential”).

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